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Easybelts Helpful Tips


The materials used in our belt is a high quality soft webbing that is elasticated for comfort and EasyBelts are also adjustable in size to allow for growth and flexibility.

Sizing example ---- Should the waist measurement be a size 20 inch waist we would advise a size 22 as our belts are adjustable to fit and this sizing will allow for growth.

Width of belts 

We offer two width size of belts 25mm and 30mm

Child and young people/adults  width of the belt is approx. 25mm (1 inch). We have found this size will fit most children's and adults trousers

Young people and Adults  width  30mm (1 1/2 inch) this is the standard width of the common belt

D-ring ---- With Easybelt you have a choice in D-Ring. We offer the standard size and a larger size D-Ring

Some children and adults with limited hand co-ordination may find the larger D-ring easier when securing the belt. Should the wrong size be order we are always happy to exchange provided the belt has only be worn for sizing.

D rings come in three sizes

The Belt

The Easybelt replaces the pin mechanism with Hook and Loop Fastening strip attached to the quality soft webbing, The webbing slips through the D shape The materials we use in our Belt are off high quality soft webbing with touch fasteners  which  folded back upon itself, thereby securing the belt and ensuring that the belt stays securely fastened .

Easybelts come in a range of colours and designs, should you require a special print we will do our best to provide.

Exchange or Refund

I am always happy to exchange or refund if the wrong size has been ordered, providing the belt has only been worn for sizing within a four week period. Please check the refund policies here.

Made to Measure Belts and sizing for the Easybelts

Should you require a made to measure belt just e-mail and we wil be happy to discuss sizing with you. Easybelts are happy to make made to measure belts. From Children’s belts to Adults belts. For the best sizing of the adjustable Easybelt, you will need to know the waist measurement. For this measure the natural waistline just above the hip bone. Please be aware we are very generous in our sizing to allow for comfort and are happy to replace for correct size when required.

motif samples for easybeltsHow to Personalise the Easybelts

Easybelts can be personalised to your own choice, a simple iron-on motif will make your belt special.
Here are some examples however any iron-on motif will work, simply ensure the motif it is 1 inch in size or it will overlap the edges of the belt.

Tip on Cleaning the Easybelts

Easybelts do not advise machine washing or tumble drying, we suggest spot cleaning only. However, should you decide to machine wash we would advise the belt is closed in order to protect the hook and loop fastener

Please contact me should you need further assistance.