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Case Studies of Easybelts

I use ‘Easy Belt’ on my 14 month old child, it’s the best item of clothing my son owns.

I have been using easy belt since my son was 6 months old and was very grateful when a specially requested size was made as there was nothing on the market that was suitable. The main problem with children’s clothes is waist size, to fit a child in the leg the waist is enormous and even with the in built adjustable elastic waist band the trousers  still work their way down with a crawling, wiggling child. The easy belt is easy to use comfortable for the child and most importantly not fiddly when changing nappies.

I have recommended it to all my friend with children who have complained of the same problem, they have all been impressed as there really is nothing on the market for small babies/children that is suitable for the purpose.

The other great thing is the easy belt washes really well stays in shape and looks as new as the first time it was used. Personally I could recommend Easy Belt enough I shall continue using them for a very long time to come.


Hearing about Easybelts from a friend, I lost no time going onto their website, to see what all the fuss was about. Having three small children with tiny waists has caused me untold problems in the past, trying to find trousers that fit or even stay up for that matter.Following their easy order process I couldn’t wait for my order to arrive. The belts arrived and they were exactly as described…. easy to use (even for my three years old!). Delighted with the product and such a simple idea, why weren’t they around when I was growing up! Even my mother picked up on the idea and got me to order one for my dad who has very bad arthritis in his hands and finds it difficult to buckle a normal belt.

Thank you Easybelts, from one very satisfied customer!

Charlotte Cheshire