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Welcome to Easybelts

Easybelts: The Velcro closing belt for Children, Boys’ Belts, Girls’ Belts, School uniform Belts, Young Peoples and Adults belts

Easybelts offers a unique velcro closing belt for children and adults.  We don’t claim to have reinvented the wheel but we do hope our belts will be of assistance in making a larger range of clothing more accessible to both children and adult’s.

Easybelts is also available in made to measure. With EasyBelts there is a velcro closing belt for everyone.

EasyBelts was first started when my children were younger. Due to the problems I had finding a belt that my son or daughter could manage so I designed my own belt and I am proud to say many years on I am still making the velcro closing EasyBelts for child and adults.

EasyBelts has been designed to enable Children, Young People and Adults of all ages to independently manage their own belt

Children’s Belt – Easybelts

Easybelts for children offers a unique belt made for little hands.

Easybelts the belt that little hands can manage. This belt is the ideal first belt, whether it’s just struggling to get trousers to fit or encouraging your children when potty training there is an easybelt for every occasion.

All children like to feel grown up and with the Easybelts we hope to encourage independence and make things a little easier for the parent.

Our belts are velcro closing, removing the problem some children have then securing the common belt, this can help to build confidence and encourage independence.

The materials we use in our belt is a high quality soft webbing that is elasticated for comfort, the Easybelt  unlike other children’s belts is adjustable in size to  allow for growth and comfort because as a parent I understand how children grow and don’t like to feel uncomfortable or restricted in their clothing.

As a first belt Easybelts is ideal for all occasions starting at Potty training and continuing to Toddlers belts, School belts, Boys’ belts and Girls’ belts. We also make made to measure belts because we understand children grow different rates.

Please visit our Review page to see what others have written about our belts.

Young people and Adults – Easybelts

Easybelts use Velcro closing strapEasyBelts is a velcro closing belt for young people and adults. Easybelts has proved to be helpful in enabling those that struggle with the common belt buckle mechanism. The Easybelt replaces the pin mechanism with velcro allowing the person to secure the belt with easy, we also offer a larger D-Ring for those with limited hand coordination.

Many disabilities mean that the task of securing a belt can become a problem. However EasyBelts can make the task a lot easier and allow the user to remain independent in the clothing they want to wear without restriction

Please visit our About Us page for further information or contact us at info@easybelts.co.uk

Made to measure Easybelts

EasyBelts are happy to make made to measure belts, from Children’s belts to Adults belts. For any advice on sizing or design, please visit our tips pages or contact us with any questions at  info@easybelts.co.uk